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If you're asking yourself, "Should I rebrand?" then this post is for you!

If you’re new around here you might not know that I’m also a designer and I specialize in strategic branding for creative businesses! A lot of creatives come to me asking when/how they’ll know if they need branding or a rebrand. Here are the questions I have them ask themselves:

  • Am I working with my ideal clients?

  • Does my branding visually represent my business accurately?

  • Does my branding reflect the style and caliber of the work/product I produce?

  • Is my personality infused into my branding?

  • Does my branding attract and resonate with my target market?

These questions will help you clarify where your business is at and what it will need to continue to grow. Branding is SO important and it’s more than colors and logos. It’s the voice your copy is written in, your website, campaigns and your client experience. And all of it should reflect YOU.

Need some help with creating branding for yourself? Web design, IG audit, etc.? I gotchu! Feel free to email me for more info!


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