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Photoshoot Style Guide | What to Wear for Engagement Photos

You’re getting married! And to kick things off, you’re doing an engagement session to celebrate this special season of life, get some photos for your save the dates cards, and show off that pretty ring!

If you’re like me, you spend close to an hour trying on different tops and bottoms, dresses, sweaters and mixing and matching those combinations to come up with the perfect look. I’m indecisive as heck too— I get it.

As a photographer, I know what photographs well and I’m here to let you in on all the info so you can forget the worries, not stress and just focus on feeling your best in what you’re wearing and having fun!

Think coordinating, not matching Okay, let’s talk color palette. Earthy tones and neutrals— like dark green, maroon, burnt orange and navy, are timeless colors to wear and will almost always work well with whatever location you choose. As you pick out your outfits, think to coordinate, not match. If you’re wearing a maroon dress, have him wear navy blue and khakis.

ProTip: Limit your color palette to three colors.

Avoid wearing busy patterns Instead of wearing lots of patterns, add dimension to your outfit by dressing in layers. If you’re wearing a plain black shirt, throw a cardigan over top. Or, for the guys, if you’re wearing a white tee, a flannel goes great over it.

There are some really cute patterns out there, but there are also some patterns that won’t show up well in photos— such as patterns with tiny lines or icons. Also note that generally speaking, horizontal lines are less flattering. Remember not to overdo it on the patterns— less is more. Limit each person to one pattern. If you’re wearing patterned pants, wear a more simple shirt. If you and your partner are both wearing patterns, consider mixing them up. If your partner is wearing plaid, maybe you could wear something with floral elements.

Make your looks stretch Like we just talked about, dressing in layers is a great way to not only add dimension to your looks but also make them stretch. Wear a cute, simplistic shirt underneath your cardigan so you can take it off. Bring along a flannel that you can wear, take off or tie around your waist.

Coordinate the formality of your outfits If you’re showing up in a dress, then your partner should be wearing nicer pants and a collared or button-down shirt. If you’re wearing jeans and a casual long sleeve, she can rock ripped jeans and a comfy sweater.

When choosing footwear, consider the location where you'll be shooting If you’re shooting in a park or somewhere woodsy, wearing heels might not be your best option. Some cute sandals or boots will still look amazing with a dress, and loafers or casual closed toe shoes will look great on a guy.

Accessorize Bring a hat that you can throw on and take off, or a scarf if it’s chilly. For the guys, bring a nicer watch to use to add interest for a few shots. Jewelry can really add a lot to an outfit. If you’re wearing a simple shirt, a staple necklace can add dimension

Makeup + Nails Try to avoid glittery or dark makeup because it won’t photograph well. If you’re going for a more natural look, even just throwing on lipstick or lipgloss can add a lot to your look. Also, for the ladies, consider painting your nails— even if it’s just a clear coat. I can promise you I’ll be taking photos of your pretty new ring!

Now that we have all the details down, let’s get to shooting!

If you like what you see, click that contact button at the top of this page so we can chat!

P.S.: Pinterest is a GREAT place to find engagement session outfit and posing inspiration. If you trust my taste in fashion, check out my engagement session inspo board.


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