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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others & Start Feeling Inspired


Seriously, it is! I know if you’re reading this then you feel me too. ⠀

I’m not a full time photog - I’m a student, an employee, an intern. I’m a lot of things, which means i can’t devote all of my time to photography (though i wish i could most days). ⠀

It was so easy for me to compare myself to other photogs who have the ability to go full time. I felt like my content was lacking. I felt bad when I forgot to post and when I couldn’t answer all of my DMs. It was stressing me out and stealing my joy. ⠀

In the fall of 2019 I was shooting 3-6 sessions per week for about 2 months while I was in college full time, interning 20 hours a week and working 8 hours a week. I was SO worn out, but I was trying to keep up with the other photogs I saw shooting constantly. ⠀

Something I had to come to terms with is that I’m not less of a photographer for the hours of the day I can put into my business. I know that I just don’t have the capacity to push out as much content as others. I can’t do blog posts every week or post every day, but that’s okay!

What matters the most to me is only taking on the amount of work that I can manage so I can serve my existing clients well because their experience is my priority. I take on less so that I have the capacity to GO THE EXTRA MILE for them, and so I'm not drained from taking on as much as someone who is full time when I just don't have the capacity to take on that much work. ⠀

Comparison truly is the thief of joy. When you’re comparing your editing, your style of copywriting, your branding & your stories to others, if it’s making you feel insecure or not enough, it’s probably not inspiring you, it’s discouraging you. Looking at others’ work through a lens of excitement and admiration is when you know you’re feeling inspired instead of less than! And it’s ok to unfollow pages that make you feel this way, or just to take a little break from social media for a while. ⠀

If you compare yourself to others, it’s natural and it’s not just you! But becoming more aware of when it’s happening and taking the steps to find inspiration instead will bring you closer to feeling joy and pride in your work. ⠀


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