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Photoshoot Locations in Lakeland, Florida

Have you ever wanted to go location scouting without dishing out the gas money? I've done the heavy lifting for you and compiled a list of seven of my favorite locations for engagement photoshoots in Lakeland, Florida. If you're new here, hey! My name is Grace and I shoot engagements, weddings and bloggers in central Florida (mainly Tampa, St. Pete, Lakeland + Orlando). My many engagement session adventures have opened my eyes to some of Swan City's finest photo spots, and I'm here to share all of that with you! P.S.: If you use this guide, I'd love if you used the hashtag #gracefullycaptured to let me know!

CIRCLE B BAR RESERVE | 4399 Winter Lake Rd. Looking for a more earthy vibe and all those pretty greens? Circle B has gorgeous hanging moss trees, open fields and scenic trails. I love shooting here towards sundown to catch that golden light!

#MASSMARKETCOLORWALL | Haus 820, 820 N. Massachusetts Ave. If you want to highlight the playful and fun side of your relationship, these bright colors will do your love justice! Located on the side of Haus 820 stands six different colored backdrops: peach, pink, teal, blue, baby blue and white.

HOLLIS GARDENS | 702 E. Orange St. With Lake Mirror as a backdrop, Hollis Gardens' array of flowers, plants and trees, paired with neoclassical architecture offers a unique session location. There are benches to sit on, an open area to dance around in and gorgeous flowers to smell along the way.

SILVER MOON DRIVE-IN THEATRE | 4100 New Tampa Hwy. I get all the retro, vintage vibes at this location. Silver Moon's iconic neon sign and marquee is a Lakeland staple and makes for a backdrop like no other. I shot a pregnancy announcement here and the owner's changed the sign for the shoot which was so special to the couple who spent many date nights at this theatre. Be sure to call ahead and ask for permission to shoot here.

COLT CREEK STATE PARK | Colt Creek, Lakeland Driving out to the very edge of Lakeland will provide scenery that looks less than Florida-esque. For the nature enthusiasts who would take mountains and forests over beaches and palm trees, this location will tick (almost) all of your boxes. I discovered that Colt Creek has wooded trails as well as a lake and gazebo to shoot in. ProTip: Bring a blanket and set up a picnic among the trees.

DOWNTOWN LAKELAND | 210 E. Main St. For a more urban feel, downtown LKLD is home to a variety of unique streets, buildings and architectural structures. I love grabbing a cup of coffee from Black & Brew or taking a walk around Lake Mirror.

PARKING GARAGE ROOFTOP | 314 E. Main St. If you're in downtown Lakeland towards the evening on a weekday, or on the weekend, stop by the parking garage for some unique shots! Be sure that the parking garage is owned by the City of Lakeland and is open to the public.

SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER | S. Florida Ave. Did you know that this sign has seen some screen time? Edward Scissorhands was shot here in the 1990's as well as a recent Disney movie. If your shoot is more on the casual side, stop here near sundown to grab some one-of-a-kind shots.

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