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editorial wedding film

Add film wedding photography on to any package and receive a mix of digital and film scans thatadds a nostalgic touch to your gallery. We capture weddings on 35mm film, medium format film and digitally.


The nostalgia of analog film on a wedding day is unmatched. It’s something I truly feel that digital can’t touch. Shooting weddings on film has made me a better, more mindful, and more creative photographer.

In a world full of excess and overstimulation, shooting on film brings back simplicity and slow mindfulness to photography. On digital, I can take thousands of photos on a wedding day and not bat an eye. The only thing I really have to worry about is sorting through all of those photos. Film is expensive and it is limited. Each roll only allows 24-36 exposures (photos) and you want to use those shots wisely. This forces me to slow down, think about composition and lighting, and time my shots right to nail the shot on the first try – and most of the time, I DO. I rarely have to toss out a film photo. I am so selective about which moments I choose to capture on film that I rarely delete anything.


Katrina & Nick

A beautiful luxurious fall wedding at the RT Lodge shot on Portra 400 film and some Fuji 200.

Monica & Kenneth

Editorial wedding film photos in Brooklyn, New York's most iconic locations. Ceremony hosted at Celestine.

Sarah & Eric

New Year's Eve wedding at the St. Regis, Washington, DC. , shot on Portra 400 film.

This wedding was shot primarily on film after sunset and completely on flash to achieve the editorial look we were going for!

Blair & Erick

Editorial bridal shoot at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens in Miami, Florida. Shot on both medium format & 35mm Portra 400.